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Sean's Story Video Toolkit

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Sean's Story Video Trailer

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What is "Sean's Story"?

"Sean's Story" is a nationally acclaimed documentary that has been incorporated into the National Fire Academy/FEMA Youth Firesetting Prevention and Intervention curriculum. Sean, a convicted juvenile arsonist, shares his story so viewers can witness firsthand the life-long negative impact that firesetting can have on youth/parents' reputation, community acceptance, family relationships, education, career, financial status, legal liability, incarceration, and injury to self and others. Experts from law enforcement, juvenile justice, and healthcare provide insight into fire misuse behavior and consequences that youth and their parents typically do not consider. Firesetting and arson can be reduced in communities by utilizing this national toolkit to increase awareness and provide preventative education. Additionally, youth who misuse fire can be helped with early intervention by using this comprehensive guide to facilitate appropriate and constructive discussion regarding high-risk behaviors. "Sean's Story" is a poignant film that explicitly demonstrates the long-term consequences that can occur if fire misuse behavior is minimized, ignored, unrecognized, or untreated.

What Are the Goals of This Toolkit?

  1. Increase national awareness of the youth firesetting problem and the need for action.
  2. Prevent all types of fire misuse in youth.
  3. Understand the numerous and long-lasting financial, social, legal, future/career, and medical consequences of firesetting.
  4. Facilitate appropriate, constructive discussion with youth and their caregivers regarding high-risk behaviors.
  5. Encourage change in youth at high risk for misusing fire utilizing best practices, i.e. a supportive and positive approach, without the use of scare tactics.
  6. Promote professional education and training on youth firesetting.

Who Will Find This Video Toolkit Helpful?

Organizations and professionals committed to youth education and safety, including: schools, fire departments, public educators, law enforcement, mental health, juvenile justice, injury prevention programs, youth assistance, hospitals, medical clinics, community organizations, and social service agencies.

Sean's Story: National Youth Firesetting Prevention and Intervention Toolkit