Knowledge Assessment: Pre-/Post-Tests and Instructions

The pre- and post-tests are an optional activity that can be used to augment the learning experience with the Sean's Story toolkit. Instructors are encouraged to administer the tests to:

  • Assess the audience's baseline knowledge (pre-test)
  • Identify gaps in knowledge, misconceptions, and/or incorrect information (pre-test)
  • Guide and individualize discussion (pre-test)
  • Correct misconceptions and thinking errors (pre-test)
  • Emphasize key teaching points (pre-test)
  • Assess participant understanding of new concepts presented (post-test)
  • Evaluate any changes in knowledge (post-test)

Lack of information and/or misconceptions regarding fire often contribute to thinking errors in youth and fire misuse behavior. The pre-/post-test questions target the topical areas in which youth are most commonly identified as having a lack of knowledge or incorrect information. Therefore, it is expected that many youth may incorrectly answer the pre-test questions. This offers the instructor an opportunity to target the topics incorrectly answered in the post-video discussion.

The pre-/post-tests were developed to meet accepted national item (question) writing standards. Some questions require higher order (level) thinking, where students will need to apply information provided during the video presentation and the essential instructor-led post-viewing discussion. Since test questions were constructed to encourage critical thinking, it is important to tell students to select the correct or best answer.

Pre- and Post-Test Instructions

Pre-Test -- in written test format - link to handout
Pre-Test -- in Audience Polling Format

Post-Test -- in written test format - link to handout
Post-Test -- in Audience Polling Format

Now available: An editable version of the pre-test, post-test, and test instructions handouts are now available. To add your logo, click on the above links and download the .pdf forms to your computer. You can then use Adobe Acrobat to click on the white-dotted box in the handout banner and import your logo.